Base Cool Camo Jersey 9 Ted Williams

Base Cool Camo Jersey 9 Ted Williams Ted Williams #9 Camo Cool Base Jersey

Ted Williams 9 Camo Cool Base JerseyTed Williams is the only baseball player in the last 70 years to hit 400 in a single season.In the science of batting, he explained his technique.He divided the batting average into 77 baseball-sized boxes.He swung only when the ball landed in his "best" box, even though he might strike out, because swinging at the "worst" box would reduce his success rate.As a portfolio investor, you can always look at the stock prices of various companies and think of them as boxes.Most of the time, you don't have to do anything, just watch.Every once in a while, you'll find a "good ball" that's slow, straight and lands right in the middle of your favorite grid.That way, regardless of your talent, you can dramatically improve your on-base percentage.The common problem for many investors is that they swing the bat too often.Both individual investors and professional investors driven by the "iron law of institutional behaviour" have this tendency;A variant of this "iron law of institutional behaviour" is also what got me out of hedge funds that invest both long-term and short-term.However, the opposite of swinging the bat too often can also be detrimental to the long-term outcome: you find a "strike ball" that you can't use all of your capital to hit.(Louis Li) (from poor Charles, p. 61)

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