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19 Jersey 18 Home Juventus Adidas Juventus 18/19 Home Jersey The club's first-ever jersey was pink. The second was striped. And the rest is history. This men's adidas Juventus Home...Juventus 18/19 Home Jersey

Juventus 18 19 Home JerseyJuventus beat torino 1-0 in the 11th round of the 20119-20 serie a season.Dermot DE ligt scored juve's first goal and helped the bianconeri win the spire Derby.Only 39 seconds after the start of the match, a tactical corner from torino was crossed from the left by ansardi.8 minutes, mette back to do, verdi box right rib right foot shot high.The 9th minute, quadrado right cross, dybala box line left foot shot by the defender blocked the line.In the 10th minute, matuidi's shot from the right foot in front of the penalty area was blocked by mette. The juve player indicated that mette had committed a handball foul, but the referee did not award a penalty.In the 11th minute, DE licht also handball in the box, but the referee did not award a penalty.In the 16th minute, cristiano ronaldo's own area before the breakthrough error, rincon off the ball after the right foot shot was szczesny confiscated.The 18th minute, quadrado straight, Ben tankur right cross, no one near the penalty spot cristiano ronaldo diving head high.The 21st minute, cristiano ronaldo back to do, dybala area arc left foot shot high.The 25th minute, belotti before the box left foot low shot szczesny confiscated.The 27 th minute, pianic midfield long cross, cristiano ronaldo box right rib right foot high.The 32 th minute, juve quick counterattack, bernadeschi middle line straight, dibala box right side left foot shot siligu blocked.In the 36th minute, belotti forced his way past desilio to score and mette's right-footed shot went just above the post.The 43rd minute, ronaldo box right rib turn left foot low shot siligu confiscated.In the 44th minute, eina was booked for knocking down desilio, and then piani sent a deflected free-kick from the left, which bonucci headed over and sirigu lifted off the bar with one hand.In the 45th minute, cristiano ronaldo in the box left rib like pass like shot by izzo blocked, derricht homeostatic shot by sirigu daresay one-handed blocked.In the 54th minute, bentankur was booked for a tackle on belotti.The 56th minute, juve quick counterattack, dibala box in front of the straight, cristiano ronaldo box right rib right foot shot sirigu was blocked.The 57th minute, quadrado pull belotti yellow card warning.The 62nd minute, cristiano ronaldo before the penalty area right foot shot wide.The 63rd minute, ansardi fly tackle Ben tankur yellow card warning.The 68th minute, baseli by yellow card warning.In the 70th minute, piani's free kick from the right was deflected in and higua's volley from the left wing of the box was blocked by sirigu.In the 70th minute, piani's left corner, higuain's right side of the box return, the middle of the delligt shot, 1-0!The 71st minute, ansardi box left ribbed left foot strafe by szczesny valiantly sealed the bottom line.In the 73rd minute, higuain's volley was confiscated by sirigu.The 84th minute, ansardi return error, Ramsey area arc left foot shoo sirigu valiantly blocked.The 94th minute, mette backfield long ball, bremer low inside the box, but the referee ruled bremer offside early goal disallowed.Technical statistics of Juventus possession rate reached 59.6%, 19 shots 10 shots on target scored a goal, Turin 9 shots 4 shots on target.Cristiano ronaldo was on top of the table with three of his seven shots, dibala had three and derricht had one.Duoli's two most controversial decisions came in the space of a minute, when matuidi's shot hit mette in the hand and then the dellcht penalty area, but the Turin players were not happy with the new rules.Lineup of Turin (3-5-2) : goalkeeper: 39 - research in ancient defender: 36 - bremer, bianco, 4-5 - izzo midfielders: 34 and einar, metcalfe, 23, 88 - rincon (74 minutes 11 - Mr Zardari), 8 - Barcelona (85 minutes 22 - Ed), 15 - Ann zaldy ampatuan forwards: 24 -, 9 - belo tiffany, di 7 - Lu Jiqi (80 minutes) (4-3-1) : Juventus goalkeeper: 1 - what a harp, defenders: triumph over 16 -, 4 - Della Hadley hutt, 19 - Mr, 2 - desi Leo midfielders:14- matuidi, 5- piani, 30- bentencourt (76 mins 6- khedira) /33- bernadeschi (67 mins 8- Ramsey) strikers: 10- dibala (60 mins 9- higuain), 7- ronaldo referee: dulivoli (obaire) scan, watch the news on your phone!WeChat scan can also be Shared with friends and circle of friends scouts - he is better than bonucci milan captain maldini saw his football world change fast 30 years ago, the goblins stride.Today's talk is about rossoneri captain romanioli from milan.The 23-year-old, who is currently only 23, became captain in August.AC milan are fourth in the table after 11 league matches so far this season.To reach the champions league, the return to the former top stage, is slowly approaching.Following in the footsteps of his predecessors, the 23-year-old romanioli has captained the rossoneri on the football pitch, with cristiano ronaldo playing the role of Portugal's more efficient striker.Maniac blood belongs to the English premier league

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